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The Dots

This Way Up is part of a new and exciting development with The Dots. They’ve launched a brand new channel just for us. It’s a private space for us to connect regularly, collaborate on projects or ask for advice and support each other (Basically exactly what we do at our events!)

Some of you know The Dots really well but if you are new to it you may be wondering who they are… Well, they are said to be the next “LinkedIn”. They are the perfect platform for people who “don’t wear suits to work” to meet creative, like-minded individuals and build their professional network. And that’s why we are proud to be their partner!

We’ll be discussing all sorts of things including:

  • Life as a woman in the creative industries
  • Advice and answers to your questions from industry leaders and each other
  • Early access to news about our upcoming events and projects you can get involved in.

But, more importantly, if you want to share a special project you’re working on or need help coming up with a solution to a problem, we’ll not only help you but the whole community will too!

We’d love to have as many of you there so we can start getting sh*t done and get to know one another.

To join the This Way Up community, simply email us at and we’ll send you the invite link!

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Marketing Week

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If you want to join The Dots and Marketing Week as a sponsor of This Way Up! then get in touch. You can either complete the form below or get in touch via one of our social media channels.