Get Sh*t Done events celebrates those that dare to do. Founded by Rebecca Rowntree in 2017, a Creative Director in advertising, the platform’s initial goal was to address the challenges women face in the creative industry. Over time, it has grown to cover a wide range of topics, from ‘women in film’ to ‘women entrepreneurs,’ featuring world-class leaders recounting their own Get Sh*t Done stories. During the events, empowered by these stories, the attendees collectively brainstorms to help each other tackle various issues. These quarterly London events have been a great success, attracting over 150 attendees.

These events strive to create an open space for everyone in the room to bring their own ideas, questions, issues and aspirations, and use the power the crowd to Get Sh*t Done.

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Tuesday 3rd October 2023

After a well-deserved hiatus (having a second child – no small feat!) we are back in force 💪 This time with a subject that’s very close to my heart. According to Creative Equals ‘we are losing up to 50% of our qualified female talent between education and permanent roles in advertising agency creative departments’. There are multiple factors contributing to this alarming stat, one of which is the issue of representation. It’s become more important than ever then to have female representation at leadership level in our industry and FAST.

So what better way to discuss this challenge than by bringing together a remarkable group of Chief Creative Officers – accomplished women who have blazed a trail – Vicki Maguire (CCO, Havas London), Caroline Pay (CCO, Dentsu Creative UK), Laura Jordan Bambach (Chief Creative Officer). I’ll be interviewing them about their perspective on this issue and asking them to share their own career journeys – complete with not just the highs but also the inevitable lows they’ve encountered along the way.

As usual with the event, the first part will be all about our panellist and the second part will be all about YOU. You’ll get the chance to reach out to the panel or to each other, about anything and everything. This could be dealing with a problem at work, taking your project to the next level, or even starting your own business. We’ll brainstorm solutions together 🤛

The panel


Rebecca Rowntree

Creative Director,
founder of Get Sh*t Done
and host of This Way Up podcast


Caroline Pay

CCO, Dentsu Creative UK


Vicki Maguire

CCO, Havas London


Laura Jordan Bambach

Chief Creative Officer

This event will be hosted by Rebecca Rowntree, an award-winning creative Director in Advertising. She is the founder of Get Sh*t Done, part of her platform This Way Up. This Way Up is a podcast (recently ranked no.5 on iTunes career podcast) and event platform (Named curator’s pick ‘Top 30 events in London’ by The Dots) dedicated to inspiring women everywhere by providing honest and thought-provoking career journeys from female leaders around the world.

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Our first event IRL after the pandemic, Get Sh*t Done 2021 was back with a bang and an amazing panel: Nana Bempah (Founder of Pocc), Nils Leonard (Founder of Uncommon Creative Studio) and Zoe Scaman (Founder at Bodacious & co-founder at MCX). They told us all about their fascinating career stories and how they get sh*t done.

And as always, for the second part of the event, the audience got the chance to take the lead. Everyone reached out to each other, the panelists, about anything and everything.

We run around four events each year, and the pandemic didn’t stop us with our lats This Way Up live back in March. For this special event, we revisited our panelists from 2020 and asked them how they managed during the pandemic – both personally and professionally.